Psychratic is a duo of trained psychologists who use academic research and training sessions to create awareness about issues of mental health, public health and safety, gender, sexuality and inclusivity amongst professionals across different organisations, including corporate offices, MNCs, mental health organisations, NGOs, hospitals and more.

We're psychologists

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As psychologists, we believe that understanding the complexity of the human mind can help humanity be more sensitive and accepting of every kind of person.

Inspired by the Socratic method of questioning - the inspiration behind our name - we at Psychratic seek to challenge existing tropes in a bid to find new answers that can extend the scope and relevance of the work we do, and maybe - just maybe - change the world.



Psychratic is a duo of trained psychologists who use  research and training sessions to create awareness about mental health, public health and safety, gender, sexuality and inclusivity across different organisations, from MNCs to NGOs and more.



Professional partners and best friends, we’ve bonded over our embarrassingly impeccable attendance in psych class, and a mutual love of dogs.







I have known Advaita Nigudkar and Jagruti Wandrekar as students of Psychology, as trainers, as teachers of Psychology for post graduate students and also as researchers when they worked for me on various projects I undertook over the years.

As a professional psychologist, a teacher, researcher and therapist myself, some of the traits I look for when I recruit people to work for me are reliability, and quality of work without my having to check for it. I also look for the ability to meet deadlines, to work hard to achieve the same good quality output in a shorter while if the task demands it, and to balance values with practical good sense. Finally, I like to work with young colleagues who would not flinch at task novelty, and be willing to work around obstacles that will most definitely crop up when one is targeting deadlines.

It has been a pleasure to work with Jagruti and Advaita on all these counts, since I see in them the spark of curiosity and of intelligence, honesty, the ability to write well and present their thoughts cogently, and to take feedback, both positive and negative, with equanimity.

They have added value to work output for me and I have no hesitancy in saying that would do so for other projects as well.

Dr. Anuradha Sovani, M.Phil., PhD.

Consulting Psychologist., Professor and Head, Department of Psychology

Associate Dean, Humanities, SNDT Women's University, Former Professor and Head, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai, Trustee and Consultant, IPH, Thane, Maharashtra.

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